We Have an Ax to Grind With Your Stump

Call Tree Huggers for professional stump grinding services in the Eupora, Kosciusko & Starkville, MS area

Do you wish that the stump on your property was gone for good? The highly experienced arborists at Tree Huggers LLC can take care of the problem. With our stump grinding services, we can remove any size stump on your Central Mississippi residential or commercial property.

Your Stump is no match for the professionals at Tree Huggers LLC

Your Stump is no match for the professionals at Tree Huggers LLC

Once the tree is down and all of the debris is hauled away there is nothing left but the ugly old stump. Some customer's want us to leave the stump so they can put a plant on it, or make a seat out of it. However, the majority or our customers want it gone all together. Early on we were doing what most tree services do, and that is to subcontract the stump grinding out to someone that has a stump grinder. It didn't take us long to realize that if we offered stump grinding as well then that would set us apart from most other tree services in our area.

Tree Huggers is now one of the only companies in our service area that offers the full package. Don't pay another tree service a middle man fee when it comes to grinding your stump, or worry with contacting one person to take your tree down and then another person to come grind your stump. Tree Huggers will do it all.