A Little Bit About Us

A Company Like No Other

Tree Huggers LLC is owned and operated by Kyle Henderson and Ben Hosket. Kyle originally founded Tree Huggers in 2012. While searching for a career change he attended a chainsaw training course for disaster relief with his church. This planted a seed and ignited a passion for tree work. Over the next few years Tree Huggers slowly grew, picking up experience and equipment along the way.

Meanwhile, Ben was basically born with a chainsaw in hand. Having an uncle in the tree business, he spent much of his youth and early adult life helping his uncle on tree jobs. In 2015, he decided to go out on his own and purchased a bucket truck. Throughout most of 2015 Kyle and Ben worked together helping each other out on their individual jobs. They quickly realized that individually they are both good tree guys, but together they form an excellent tree business.

In 2016 Tree Huggers officially became a partnership. Kyle and Ben are both Christian men, and their commitment to Christ is at the core of their business. With an attitude of serving the Lord and not men they are able to provide good quality tree work at a fair price.